Give Your Fluffy Friend a Cozy Home
Our Cat Boarding Center Is Perfect for Your Pet

The pet boarding facility for cats at Prairie Winds Kennels is bright, airy, and away from dogs. We have cat enclosures that provide enough area for 2 cats, and we offer lap time for the cats as well during which time we hold, pet, and brush you cat. Your feline friend gets the best care possible when staying at our pet grooming center!

All cats must be current with rabies, feline distemper, and feline leukemia vaccinations (if the cat is allowed outside). Proof is required.

42790578A Healthy Diet
We serve Diamond® cat maintenance food for our pet, or you may bring your own. We encourage you to bring personal toys and treats as well!

Cat Boarding
Cat boarding is $14.00 per night. We charge by the night, and we charge a half day for pickups after 1 p.m.

When you’re away, you need a cat boarding service you can trust.
Contact us today at (402) 465-0123 in Lincoln, Nebraska, and know your feline is well cared for at all times.