Additional Pet Care Services for Your Cat or Dog
We Guarantee Exceptional Care for Quality & Comfort

When you want to ensure the best pet care for Fido or Fluffy, turn to Prairie Winds Kennels. Our pet care center in Lincoln, Nebraska, provides high-end services every time. Whether you need pet boarding for a few days or weeklong care while you travel, you never have to worry about your cat or dog with us. Visit us today to see why we’re known for excellent pet care.

42790395Our Pet Care Services Include:
Medication: All medication must be labeled with the pet’s first and last name. The dosage must be clearly labeled. Application of medications will be reviewed at check-in.  An extra charge of $1.00 per dosing applies.  Injections are charged at $2.50 per shot.

Special Diets: Special Diets must be clearly labeled with a first and last name and exact feeding instructions. If there is a special measuring cup, please bring that in also. Please note that we will not feed raw food diets due to possible health risks for the staff and your pet.

Treats: There is no additional charge for giving treats from home.

Contact us today at (402) 465-0123 in Lincoln, Nebraska, to hear more about our high-quality pet care services.